In every exercise when the child has recognized the differences between the qualities of the objects, the teacher fixes the idea of this quantity with a word. _____ Maria Montessori

The ancient saying, "There is nothing in the intellect which was not first in
 some way in the senses", and senses being explorers of the world, opens
                   the way to knowledge, says Maria Montessori. _____ Maria Montessori

From zero to three years, the child absorbs millions of impressions through his senses. At three to six, this continues but with an important difference. The child is trying to bring some order to the chaos of impressions he has already received.

The Montessori Sensorial apparatus is scientifically designed to refine, order and classify the sense impressions of sight, sound, touch and smell. Through the use of sensorial material, the child furthers his inner development. He becomes more aware and is able to interpret the world in a more coherent way.

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